Maintenance Contract for HVAC and Automatic Doors

Resident maintenance team responsible for ensuring the proper functioning and availability of HVAC and Automatic Door equipment.

HVAC System and Indoor Air Quality

ATM is responsible for maintaining all equipment in good working condition, ensuring indoor air quality within the required comfort and health parameters, and ensuring that 2000 employees, per shift, feel comfortable and safe in their workplace.

Indoor Air Quality Systems

Sistemas de Calidad del Aire Interior

Responsible for introducing quality, climate-controlled fresh air into the interior of the warehouses. This system also monitors the CO2 levels inside the industrial warehouses.


Removes the contaminants present inside the industrial warehouses and administrative buildings.

Dedicated Extraction Fans

Dedicated extraction fans are equipment designed for work areas with higher levels of contaminants, such as soldering stations or paint booths.

Centralized Technical Management (CTM)

Associated with these equipment, there is a complex Centralized Technical Management (CTM) system that allows control of the entire installation. This system enables setting operating schedules based on production, adjusting comfort and safety setpoints, issuing alerts in case of potential anomalies or deviations from defined parameters, and managing energy for the entire installation.

Installation of More Efficient Equipment

Active Participation in the Development of Projects for the Construction of Two Thermal Power Plants and the Installation of a State-of-the-Art Magnetic Levitation Cooling Unit, as well as Two More Efficient Boilers.

Access Systems: Automatic Doors

ATM ensures their operability and availability.

These equipments are of great importance for the factory’s operation, as they allow for the proper logistics flow that feeds production.

Hundreds of trucks pass through the gates daily, and they can perform around 900 cycles per day, which puts intense stress on the equipment, and only with responsible and careful maintenance can their perfect operability be guaranteed.

Sistemas de Acesso

Maintenance of Equipment

Industrial doors
Fire doors
Canvas doors

Support in automation processes

Integration for automatic opening and closing of doors through AGVs (automated guided vehicles).

Integration of doors into the Centralized Technical Management System.