Agreements and Contracts

Maintenance, Industrial Cleaning and Preventive Shutdowns

Mechanical Maintenance and Industrial Cleaning

  • Maintenance contract in the mechanical and industrial cleaning area of the entire manufacturing complex;
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance, including industrial cleaning of clinker conveyors and elevators;
  • Scheduled and annual inspections;
  • Operation and maintenance contract in the cement packaging and shipping area;
  • Manufacture and supply of various piping accessories.
  • Preventive, conditioned, and corrective maintenance;
  • Inspections; Specialized services (joints, scaffolding, lifting equipment, insulation, and painting);
  • Scheduled shutdowns; Materials and spare parts management;
  • Quality and safety.

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

  • Refurbishment of 60 KV Substation Transformers, Circuit Breakers, and Measurement Transformers;
  •  Correction of the top and replacement of bearings in the Cement Mill;
  • Execution of electrical works – Refurbishment of B. Aeropol, valves, gutters, dust filters, extromats, and compressors;
  • Scheduled Overhauls of Kilns – Coal Grinding, Cyclone Tower, Gas Coolers, Raw Mills, and Clinker Conveyors;
  • Repair of Homogenization Silo/Flour Extraction and Furnace Feeding;
  • Cement Grinding Overhaul;
  • Overhaul of various equipment in Line 6 – Manufacturing – Raw Grinding;
  • Metalworking in Kilns and Roller Press.