Maintenance of the paper pulp production unit

Resident teams to perform preventive and corrective maintenance on the industrial unit.

Maintenance Contracts

Residential maintenance teams at the customer, responsible for ensuring the availability of their assets:

  • Fixed assistance teams for air conditioning units;
  • Contracts in the electrical and instrumentation areas;
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance in the specialties of mechanics, welding, TCP, electricity, instrumentation and electronics;
  • lubrication services;
  • Workshop work and tooling;
  • Control and power technician.

Preventive Maintenance Shutdown

Execution of various works within the scope of the annual scheduled maintenance shutdowns, where we collaborate in:
  • Revision of the Lines for Pulp, Evaporation and Bleaching, Centrifugation and Screening;
  • Digesters, Presses and Washers;
  • Crane;
  • Paper machine (mechanical and electrical);
  • Execution of various piping works;
  • General repair of conveyors;
  • Review of 60KV Substation equipment, including Transformers, Circuit Breakers and Disconnectors;
  • Maintenance of LV and MV switchboards;
  • Recovery and repair of electric motors;
  • Execution, alteration and assembly of the dust aspiration system;
  • Remodeling Digester Continuous Washing;
  • General Review of the Recovery Boiler Blow System;
  • Replacement and improvement of steam and condensate valves, overhaul of conveyor and replacement of reducer, repair of auger under silo for mixer).