Bondalti - Mechanical and Instrumentation Shutdown

Bondalti is the largest Portuguese producer in the industrial chemicals sector, with over a hundred years of experience. It operates in the aniline and derivatives and chlor-alkali value chain, manufacturing products that are indispensable in our daily lives and essential for the well-being of modern societies. Bondalti's products are present in water purification and leisure waters. They are also used in the pharmaceutical, rubber, and paper industries, or as raw materials in the production of polyurethanes (MDI).

In January 2022, Bondalti conducted a shutdown of its Estarreja production unit for maintenance work. ATM was one of the contractors in the metal-mechanical and instrumentation area, working on various equipment families such as pipelines, valves, pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, tanks, traps, fans, and their associated instrumentation for process control, such as levels, flow meters, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors.